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  • Titanium Silkroad Online

    Dear community,

    We would like to present to you the next big thing in the silkroad private server market which happens to be Titanium Silkroad.
    Titanium is a different server than any other which provides a completely different way of playing silkroad as each & every built that could come to your mind can beat any other built in terms of PVP which basically provides more fair game play & more opportunities of winning our PVP events which are going to be hosted in a brand new way no server ever thought of which is going to be explained later on in this post.
    A lot of you are going to be wondering whether by completely balancing built's from both races China & Europe we ruined every advantage every built has so here's the answer for that 'Apart from Cleric which is kind of overpowered, we did not ruin any advantages any built has'.
    Moreover, we do not offer any kind of old school experience apart from the old school PVP capes in order to show off your D11, Destruction & Immortality sets because the whole idea of Titanium is to invest in new ideas & provide the best silkroad game play experience possible.


    While reading this thread a lot of you might misunderstand this into stealing ideas from another server or that we are just the same people re-opening the server.
    We are not the same people. The entire game database & files have been legitimately purchased from its owners. Therefore, we have every right to use any of their game features.

    Sever Protection & Stability
    The server is absolutely lagfree & stable as it runs under a dedicated server of high performance.
    We are also DDOS & Exploit protected by DoctorDDOS which uses a HyperFilter proxy for every server it protects & is able to fix any exploits.

    Play2Win or Pay2Win?
    This is the question that each and every server jumps around. Most of the useful items in the item mall are available for Job Points & Arena Coins so it's kind of both as you can just keep playing and earn your items or just purchase silk & try to get what you want or need but silks can also be obtained through daily quests, not only by purchasing them.

    Homepage - [URL]http://titaniumsro.eu[/URL]
    Download - [URL]https://titaniumsro.eu/files[/URL]
    Register - [URL]https://titaniumsro.eu/signup[/URL]
    Facebook - [URL]https://www.facebook.com/titaniumsilkroadonline[/URL]

    Starter Pack

    - HP/MP Pots [1.000]
    - Reverse Return Scrolls [10]
    - Instant Return Scrolls [50]
    - Skill Points [10000]
    - Gold [500.00]
    - 12 Mastery Points
    - Beginner's Boost

    Item stacks

    - MP/HP pots [500]
    - Vigors [1.000]
    - Universal/Purfication Pills [1.000]
    - Arrow [5.000]
    - Speed Drugs [30]
    - Elixirs [5.000]
    - Attribute/Magic Stones [1.000]
    - Jade/Ruby Tablets [3.000]
    - Elements [5.000]
    - Destroyer Rondos [5.000]
    - Recovery Kits [650]
    - Grass Of Life [50]
    - Abnormal Stare Recovery Potions [50][LIST][*]Vigor Grains
    We have decreased their healing value from 25% to 18% to make PVP a bit more tough.[/LIST][LIST][*]Degree 11 & Egyptian NON-SON Gear (in progress)
    We have increased their power by +3 to provide an easier game play. As the original value for normal items is Nova +0 is Normal +6 but in Titanium it's Nova +0 is Normal +3[/LIST]Balance
    We're not like the other servers. We won't just disable the entire European race & lower the probability of Impotent in Force mastery or just increase the damage of Chinese by 20% & then go like 'hey, we achieved balance'.
    This is our goal. To be the first server ever to achieve balance between China & Europe without taking shortcuts that apparently never work.

    We have made a lot of changes in order to balance PVP action between CH & EU.
    We also made a lot changes in order to make guild & fortress wars tougher, more interesting & less buff reliable.[LIST][*]Auto-Equipment
    I really don't think that needs a lot of explaining since we're probably not the first server to use that. Works all the way to D10. We are also CONSIDERING adding normal D11 items to NPC.[/LIST][LIST][*]Guild & Union Limit
    Since none of the servers develop a community of 3500 players like iSRO. We figured it will be more suitable for a community of 1500 players max to limit the number of guild members in one guild to 24 & the number of guilds in one union to 3.[/LIST][LIST][*]Scrolls
    Titanium understands the importance of scrolls & how useful they can be. Therefore, it has a lot of different kinds of scrolls which can be obtained with Silk, Arena Coins & Job Points from various NPC.

    Skills Reset Scroll: Rests all your skills giving you all your skill points back.
    Stats Reset Scroll: Resets all the stat points you've spent giving them all back to you.
    Name Change Scroll: A scroll that changes your character name.
    Advance Elixir Remover: Removes the advance elixir from your weapon.
    Premium Remover: Removes your premium.
    Avatar Attachment Magic Option Remover: Resets your avatar attachment's magic options allowing you to add different options.
    Avatar Dress Magic Options Remover: Resets your avatar dress' magic options allowing you to add different options.
    Avatar Hat Magic Options Remover: Resets your avatar hat's magic options allowing you to add different options.
    Paper (100k SP): Gives you 100,000 Skill Points.
    Plastic (200k SP): Gives you 200,000 Skill Points.
    Glass (350k SP) Gives you 350,000 Skill Points.
    Metal (500k SP): Gives you 500,000 Skill Points.
    Silk Scrolls: An item currency for silk so that you can exchange silk easily. However, you're charged 1 silk for purchasing one of these. (for example let's say there's a 500 silk scroll, you buy it for 501)
    Job Union Penalty Remover: Immediately removes your Job Penalty allowing you to join another job in no time.
    Guild Penalty Remover: Immediately removes your Guild Penalty allowing you to join another guld in no time.
    Full Blue Scrolls
    By using these scrolls one of your equipment (based on the scroll you will use) will receive all blues on their max state. Immortal, astral, lucky, steady are not including. Keep in mind that these scrolls require you to have the item you want to give the blues at equipped.[/LIST][LIST][*]Fellow Pets
    The first thing that will come to a player's mind when he sees 'Fellow Pets' is the speed bug.
    Titanium would like to inform everyone that we have DISABLED the riding option for the Fellow Pets.
    So the next question that will come to everyone's mind is what's the use of Fellow Pets now that you've disabled the option of riding them?
    Fellow Pets are sold for Silks only but there are useful skills that you can purchase with a mixture of Arena Coins & Job Points from the Mounts Trainer NPC near Donwhang specialty shop to apply on your pet so it can actually debuff.

    Force Of Fire: 20% Physical & Magical pet damage increase. Burn Probability 25%.
    Force Of Lightning: 20% Physical & Magical pet damage increase. Electric shock Probability 20%.
    Force Of Cold: 20% Physical & Magical pet damage increase. Freezing Probability 5% & Frostbite Probability 25%.
    Numbness Stun: Stun probability 25%, 2.0 seconds.
    Ultra Division: Division Porbability 50%, 5.0 seconds.
    Ultra Impotent: Impotent Probability 50%, 5.0 seconds.
    Ultra de-buff collection 1: Bleed probability 25% 10.0 seconds, Decay probability 50% 5.0 seoncds & Weaken probability 25% 10.0 seconds.
    Ultra de-buff collection 2: Sleep probability 65% 3.0 seconds & Disease probability 65% 20.0 seconds.[/LIST]Recycle System
    Since we are not planning to increase the level cap in the future. We decided to add this system which allows you to exchange the amount of useless skill points you get after achieving level 110 with maxed out skills with Recycle Coins.
    Recycle Coins are untradable
    Each 50k Skill Points can be exchanged for 5 Recycle Coins.

    With Recycle Points you can buy the following.
    -Globals (11 Units = 35 Coins)
    -Reverse Scrolls (11 Units = 20 Coins)
    -Nova +8 Weapon/Shield 41% stats REPAIR INVALID Durability 30 (100 Coins)
    -Egy A +8 Weapon/Shield 41% stats REPAIR INVALID Durability 30 (300 Coins)
    -Egy B +8 Weapon/Shield 41% stats REPAIR INVALID Durability 30 (750 Coins)

    All actions regarding Recycle System are done through the Scavenger NPC near Donwhang specialty shop.

    Daily Quests - A system to replace silk per hour system
    Basically a system to replace silk per hour since silk per hour only awards players for being AFK & using proxies which is not fair.
    You can earn up to 50 silks per day by completing daily quests which is probably more than you would have earned with silk per hour system.
    You can start doing these quests after taking them from the 'Daily Quest Master' NPC located near Donwhang storage.

    Destruction & Immortality Sets
    You get them by opening up treasure boxes which you can purchase either using job points or arena coins from Job Master(JP) or BA/CTF Rewards(AC) NPCs.

    -Egyptian Treasure Box: 150 Arena Coins or 350 Job Points, Completely random Destruction part.
    -Golden Egyptian Treasure Box: 500 Arena Coins or 1200 Job Points, Completely random Immortality part.
    Why this system? Because if we just sell the parts normally, there won't be any Armor, Garment or Robe sets in the game & because it will improve the trading community.

    Myth & Legend Accessories
    You can find them in the Job Master NPC near Donwhang dimensional teleport gate.

    -Each Legend part costs 500 Arena Coins & 750 Job Points.
    -Each Myth part costs 200 Arena Coins & 350 Job Points.

    Temple Of Luck
    It is the feature that will discourage people from using auto-plusing programs.
    You can only enter the Temple Of Luck with a job suit.
    Inside the temple there are treasure boxes with a low spawn rate that drop lucky powders & has a chance of giving a 3% of luck buff called Luckisity which lasts 200 seconds.
    Furthermore, there is a unique called Temple Of Luck Hero that appears inside the Temple Of Luck & drops the very common silk items such as globals & reverse scrolls.
    The slayer of the Temple Of Luck Hero is immediately awarded with 50 Job Points & the party members are awarded with 35 Job Points each.
    You can teleport to Temple Of Luck from its portal which is located at Donwhang South Gate.[LIST][*]Holy Water Temple
    A very big source of Upgrade Coins since it has a lot of uniques. Also the uniques drops non seal of nova Egyptian items & of-course the higher level of HWT you go, the better the drop rate & the more the Upgrade Coins.[/LIST][LIST][*]Shrines
    There are 6 different shrine-monsters each one giving you a different special buff by killing it. You can find these monsters at the Temple Of Luck or in the Job Temple. We really wanted to make those temples even more interesting and fun. So by adding this monsters now players will be able to obtain some incredible buffs lasting for two minutes just by finding one Shrine monster and killing it. Both temples include PVP action since in order to join them you need to have your job suit equipped so you can use this buffs against your enemies to occupy an area and kick them out or simply use them for a more effective purpose. Additionally, a player who is buffed from this shrine monsters will have a lot more chances on killing the Temple Of Luck Hero or Job Temple's Uniques since he will be stronger. Those monsters spawn on random spots inside the temple. We would also like to inform you that the idea came from Diablo3.

    Shrine 1: 5% Attack & Parry rate for 300 seconds after killing a monster in TOL or JT.

    Shrine 2: 15 STR & INT for 300 seconds after killing a monster in TOL or JT.

    Shrine 3: 5% Physical and Magical defence for 300 seconds after killing a monster in TOL or JT.

    Shrine 4: 5% HP & MP for 300 seconds after killing a monster in TOL or JT.

    Shrine 5: 5% Physical Damage & Series reduce after killing a monster in TOL or JT.

    Shrine 6: 5% Magical Damage & HP Recovery after killing a monster in TOL or JT.[/LIST][LIST][*]Premium
    There's only ONE premium on Titanium- which is the Titanium Premium.
    It is simply a full 5% premium scroll that lasts 28 days which you can purchase for either 400 Silks, 800 Arena Coins or 1250 Job Points.[/LIST][LIST][*]Special Elixirs
    Simply a special kind of elixirs that has a bit more chance of on successfully enhancing an equipment which can be dropped by monsters in temple of luck, treasure boxes in temple of luck & any kind of unique monsters.[/LIST][LIST][*]Lucky Powders
    On Titanium lucky powders are not available for gold like the other servers. You can only get lucky powders with Arena Coins or Job Points.
    Each 50 Units cost 1 Arena Coin or 3 Job Points.[*]Immortals[*]You can buy them for 100 Silks, 150 Job Points or 60 Arena Coins.
    The D11 immortal stones are recolored to avoid scamming.[*]They can also drop from Job Temple Unique Monsters.
    -Neith: Drops 2 Immortal stones.
    -Selket: Drops 2 Immortals stones.
    -Anubis: Drops 3 Immortals stones.
    -Isis: Drops 3 Immortals stones.
    -Haroeris: Drops 10 Immortals stones.
    -Seth: Drops 25 Immortals stones.[*]Gem System
    Gems are like permanent sockets that are attached to your weapon. There are 4 different kinds of gems & an advanced version of each kind, each one gives a different kind of bonus.
    Gems drop at a VERY low rate from Temple Of Luck Treasure Boxes.[*]Jobbing
    Hunter receives 20 JP from each 5 star caravan sold & 1 JP per kill.
    Trader receives 30 JP from each 5 star caravan sold by the trader only & 2 JP per kill.
    Thief receives 25 JP from each 5 star caravan & 3 JP per kill.

    Please note that contribution points are exchanged to Job Points through the website but when killing an opponent job points are granted automatically & that's to stop any kind of glitches, bugs & abuse.

    Also note that we have DISBALED the option to sell goods in Alexandria's Specialty Shop in order to increase the difficulty of trading. A lot will ask how is that? Well, Constantinople-Alexandria is a very short route, that's how.[*]Job Based Honor Buffs (Changes hands weekly)
    We award them weekly to the top 10 jobbers of each job but not all of them get all the buffs so here's how it works.

    -1st jobber of each job gets all the buffs.
    -2nd & 3rd jobbers of each job get Gold, Silver & Bronze buffs.
    -4th, 5th & 6th jobbers of each job get Silver & Bronze buffs.
    -7th, 8th, 9th & 10th jobbers of each job get only the Bronze buff.

    Please note that you can check the ranking of the jobbers through the game's website & that job levels undergo a WEEKLY reset after honor buffs are granted to give everyone fair shots at the buffs.[/LIST]Masteries
    The idea is originated from League Of Legends. Basically it's an extra mastery containing a lot of passives with different levels which you can only add using Mastery Points. As we mentioned before, one of the starting items is 12 Mastery Points which the player is going to be using to add the passives.
    You add the passives by purchasing them from the Flag NPC which is directly next to Donwhang Storage.
    Note: In order to upgrade one mastery passive, just buy it twice or as many as the levels you want to upgrade it but keep in mind that every passive has a limit of 2 to 5 levels so take great care while making decisions.

    Skill tab name : Masteries
    Chinese & European

    1)Name : Physical Damage Increase
    Physical Damage 1% Increase Lv1/5
    Physical Damage 2% Increase Lv2/5
    Physical Damage 3% Increase Lv3/5
    Physical Damage 4% Increase Lv4/5
    Physical Damage 5% Increase Lv5/5

    2)Name : Magical Damage Increase
    Magical Damage 1% Increase Lv1/5
    Magical Damage 2% Increase Lv2/5
    Magical Damage 3% Increase Lv3/5
    Magical Damage 4% Increase Lv4/5
    Magical Damage 5% Increase Lv5/5

    3)Name : Critical Chance Bonus
    Critical 3 Increase Lv1/3
    Critical 5 Increase Lv2/3
    Critical 8 Increase Lv3/3

    4)Name : Blocking Ratio Increase
    Blocking ratio 3 Increase Lv1/3
    Blocking ratio 6 Increase Lv2/3
    Blocking ratio 9 Increase Lv3/3

    5)Name : Maximum HP Increase
    Maximum HP 850 Increase Lv1/5
    Maximum HP 1500 Increase Lv2/5
    Maximum HP 2100 Increase Lv3/5
    Maximum HP 3000 Increase Lv4/5
    Maximum HP 4250 Increase Lv5/5

    6)Name : Maximum MP Increase
    Maximum HP 850 Increase Lv1/5
    Maximum HP 1500 Increase Lv2/5
    Maximum HP 2100 Increase Lv3/5
    Maximum HP 3000 Increase Lv4/5
    Maximum HP 4250 Increase Lv5/5

    7)Name : Physical Defence Increase
    Phy. Def. Pwr. 96 Increase Lv1/5
    Phy. Def. Pwr. 141 Increase Lv2/5
    Phy. Def. Pwr. 192 Increase Lv3/5
    Phy. Def. Pwr. 254 Increase Lv4/5
    Phy. Def. Pwr. 312 Increase Lv5/5

    8)Name : Magical Defence Increase
    Mag. Def. Pwr. 112 Increase Lv1/5
    Mag. Def. Pwr. 177 Increase Lv2/5
    Mag. Def. Pwr. 213 Increase Lv3/5
    Mag. Def. Pwr. 399 Increase Lv4/5
    Mag. Def. Pwr. 501 Increase Lv 5/5

    9)Name : Parry Ratio Increase
    Parry Ratio 35 Increase Lv1/2
    Parry Ratio 61 Increase Lv2/2

    10)Name : Attack Rating Increase
    Attack Rating 31 Increase Lv1/3
    Attack Rating 58 Increase Lv2/2

    11)Name : Movement Speed Increase
    Movement Speed 15% Increase Lv1/2
    Movement Speed 25% Increase Lv2/2

    Upgraded Skills
    Are mostly custom skills but there are skills from higher caps reworked to suit cap 110. These skills are simply like your weapon having an extra +2 or +3 enhancement.
    You can purchase these from the Skill Trainer NPC near Donwhang protector shop.
    Each skill costs 500 Upgrade Coins.[LIST][*]First 300 players to reach level 110

    First 100 players to reach 110 will receive: 1 Blue Treasure Box ,1 Pet Clock & 65 Silk.
    The next 100 more players to reach 110 will receive: 1 Blue Treasure Box, 1 Pet Clock & 50 Silk.
    The next 100 more players to reach 110 will receive: 1 Yellow Treasure Box, 1 Pet Clock & 35 Silk.

    The treasure boxes contain could contain premium, immortals, golden dragon flag & a lot of surprising rewards.[/LIST][LIST][*]Mini Pumpkin
    Simply a unique that can spawn absolutely anywhere around the map except around Alexandria since it will be a very common hunting place & dungeons to ease the searching process a bit.
    The unique only has 1 HP but whoever kills it immediately receives 300 silks.
    Why 1 HP? Well it doesn't have to be a wizard that wins every unique monster kill.
    The unique spawns once daily at an absolutely random time of the day.[/LIST]See you in game
    with respect of Titanium

    Discord Channel -https://discord.gg/eb799D
    Facebook - [URL]https://www.facebook.com/titaniumsilkroadonline[/URL]
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