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    • [Plugin] McJobs

      Plugin Version: 3.9.b
      Minecraft Version: 1.14/1.15


      Der Text kommt hier in kürze. Bitte auf die Englischen Infos ausweichen bis dahin. Vielen Dank.


      Welcome to McJobs since 2012
      MC Jobs was created to pick up where jobs left off. These jobs earn you money for your server economy. There are 21 default jobs that are customizable along with the ability to create your own custom jobs.

      News October 2019

      Hello guys,
      several years have passed since the last update here. But now i will be change it. Me , Bl4ckSkull666 ( old name Papaharni or Papi too ), work now on the plugin to update it to the newest version of minecraft.
      What's currently done? I added 2 new job groups. reworked few job groups.Reworked the jobs. Moved Database from old cache system to read friendly yaml/mysql support. Added Multilanguage support. That mean you can translate language file in multiple language and let your user select the language. You set default language in configuration, but the user can change it to a available language for him self.

      Hmmm okay, whats new too? You can, currently only manual in the job files add a region and message that the player displayed on enter this region. The message can be a string with | for new line. Or use spigot message, if you use a spigot server, In Spigotr message u can build buttons and much more. And new is the NPC message, the message is same like on region, but it can be different messages. It can be activate on click the npc. To work set a sign with [mcjobs] in line 1 and in line 3 the jobnname below till 7 blocks on the npc. Users can now click it to see the message. Other one is the free Signs. For Description please read THIS


      You have developed great shops with a shop mod or you use citizens as NPC shopkeepers, you have a repair shop, or you have a block protection system that uses an economy. But that begs the question "How do you pay your players?" Well you could just give them money, but what fun is that? That's where MC Jobs comes in. It's a full fledged player job mod where you choose how much they get paid and for what activities and they can earn money by doing those tasks. It's fully customizable by server admins, but for those of you that just wish to plug and play it has 20 built in jobs that covers about 90% of the blocks and entities in the game. Remember:

      If you need cash get a job!

      Features List

      • Ability to join or leave jobs
      • Obtain higher levels in jobs to earn more.
      • Charge or pay players for doing actions on the server by default. You want TNT to cost to use. You can! It's in Taxes.
      • Earn XP through jobs by default.
      • Earn money through jobs using any of the economy plugins
      • Ability to edit, create or delete jobs in the config.yml file
      • Multi World support
      • WorldGuard region support
      • Utilizes craftbukkit's built in Materials List
      • Uses craftbukkit's built in Entity Type List
      • Uses custom Potion List
      • Uses custom Enchant Lis
      • Toplist per Job - Available per command and sign.
      • Job status signs - Personally info signs per job for users.
      • Farming Tool - Cut Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots and more with the shear without must reseed it.
      • Hooking in PlaceHolderAPI
      • Hooking in TreeFeller by Thiz


      User Commands:
      /mcjobs = Allows all the user commands such as joining and leaving a job.
      /jobs = Alias of /mcjobs

      All sub commands:
      • /mcjobs list - List all available jobs ( jobs are clickable on use Spigot and/or WorldEdit to view job informations )
      • /mcjobs leave {jobname} - Leave a Job
      • /mcjobs join {jobname} - Join a Job
      • /mcjobs info [jobname} - view all details of the job incl. Join or Leave button to click ( only on use Spigot and/or WorldEdit )
      • /mcjobs language {optional:language} - Allow the user to change the language to a available language
      • /mcjobs hide {jobname} - Hide the payments of the job
      • /mcjobs show {jobname} - Show every payment for this job.
      • /mcjobs help - View the help page of mcjobs.

      Admin Commands:
      • /mcjobsadmin = Allows the administrative commands. Reloads the addon or gives/takes a specific job from an online player or group if using Vault. Options are: reload, defaults, add player/group job, remove player/group job, list player/group.
      • /jadm = Alias of /mcjobsadmin

      All sub commands:
      • /jadm reload - reload the McJobs Plugin
      • /jadm defaults - Reset the configuration file to the default one.
      • /jadm language - Checks your language file and will add all missing paths with reload the language files.

      • /jadm addlevel {playername} {jobname} {amount of job level} - Add the amount of job level to the job. ( User must have the Job )
      • /jadm setlevel {playername} {jobname} {amount of job level} - Set the job level to the amount of level. ( User must have the Job )
      • /jadm remlevel {playername} {jobname} {amount of job level} - Removes the amount of job level from the job. ( User must have the Job and user job level must be higher or equals the amount )

      • /jadm addexp {playername} {jobname} {amount of job experience} - Add the amount of job experience to the job. ( User must have the Job )
      • /jadm setexp {playername} {jobname} {amount of job experience} - Set the job level to the amount of experience. ( User must have the Job )
      • /jadm remexp {playername} {jobname} {amount of job experience} - Removes the amount of job expereince from the job. ( User must have the Job and user job experience must be higher or equals the amount )

      • /jadm add {playername} {jobname} - Add the job to the player.
      • /jadm remove {playername} {jobname} - Removes the job from player.
      • /jadm info {playername} {jobname} - List all information of the job from player.
      • /jadm list {playername} - List all Jobs of the player.

      • /jadm sign {jobname} {type} - Look at the sing and run the command to register it. Currently are the follow types are available: join,leave,info, npc ( means entity message (emsg) ) and region ( means region message (rmsg))

      • /jadm (rmsg/emsg) begin {jobname} {optional:language} - Start building a Region or Entity Message
      • /jadm (rmsg/emsg) add {Text} - Add Text to Build.
      • /jadm (rmsg/emsg) break - begin a new Line
      • /jadm (rmsg/emsg) hover Text - Set Hover text to last add
      • /jadm (rmsg/emsg) click {type} {command or other one} - Set Click action to last add
      • /jadm (rmsg/emsg) save - Save the Msg
      • /jadm (rmsg/emsg) remove {jobname} {optional:language} - Remove the message from jobname
      • /jadm (rmsg/emsg) clear - Clears the builder, you can open a new builder now.
      • /jadm (rmsg/emsg) set {jobname} {optional:language} {text} - Add text tfor non Spigot/WorldEdit using. The | is for new line.
      • /jadm (rmsg/emsg) delete {jobname} {optional:language} - Delete the non Spigot/WorldEdit text from Job complete.


      Installing is simple. Copy mcjobs.jar into your worlds plugin folder and restart or reload your server. Players can then join up to three jobs (modifiable in config.yml). To join use /jobs join job_name .

      Default Jobs
      The default jobs are:
      • alchemist
      • armorer
      • baker
      • brewer
      • builder
      • carpenter
      • conjurer
      • digger
      • enchanter
      • farmer
      • fisherman
      • hunter
      • miner
      • soldier
      • theurgist
      • tinkerer
      • toolmaker
      • weaponsmith
      • woodsman
      • bulldozer - default job
      • taxes - default job

      You can then leave a job with /jobs leave job_name .
      To learn more about each job type /jobs info job_name




      description: Allows the player to use all user jobs commands.
      default: false

      mcjobs.jobs.join: true
      mcjobs.jobs.leave: true
      mcjobs.jobs.list: true
      mcjobs.jobs.info: true


      description: Allows the use of the /jadm command.
      default: op


      description: Allows a player to leave a default job.
      default: op


      description: Allows the use of /jadm defaults to restore config.yml.
      default: op


      description: Allows player to join jobs.
      default: false


      description: Allows player to leave a job. Should be used in conjunction with join.
      default: false


      description: Allows the player to use /mcjobs list.
      default: false


      description: Allows player to use /mcjobs job_name for info.
      default: false


      description: Allows the player to join all jobs.
      default: false

      mcjobs.jobsavail.digger: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.miner: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.builder: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.soldier: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.woodsman: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.tinkerer: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.farmer: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.toolmaker: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.weaponsmith: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.armorer: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.fisherman: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.baker: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.alchemist: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.enchanter: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.brewer: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.theurgist: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.conjurer: true
      mcjobs.jobsavail.carpenter: true


      description: Allows the player to earn money and xp in all worlds.
      default: false


      description: Pays a player even if they are in creative mode.
      default: false


      description: Allows using toplist command.
      default: true


      description: Allows using scoreboard command.
      default: true


      description: Allow to switch between show and hide every job payment.
      default: true


      description: Allow to switch between show and hide every job payment.
      default: true


      description: Allows to hold the job exp.
      default: true


      description: Allow Users to view full details of the job.
      default: true

      Please check out the Wiki

      Wall of Servers

      Craft my Life [Website] [Discord]

      You use McJobs on your server/network? PM me with the URL of your server to add it here :)

      Last Version 3.9.b

      Be friendly in Discord and read the Lobby pinned message to see all.