Pros and cons of Blade & Soul

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    • Pros and cons of Blade & Soul

      Blade & Soul is an addictive MMORPG with a dynamic combat system that really stands out from the competition. Battles feel lively and adrenaline-pumping due to the combination of attacks and blocking. I bought the game by the way from The game's graphics are impressively colorful and attention to detail, especially in character and world design. The character customization system gives a huge amount of freedom to create a unique look.

      Blade & Soul suffers from a few problems, however. The first of these is the rather high level of pay-to-win. A lot of items in the game are only available for real money, which can create an imbalance between players. Also, the game could have provided more varied quests and activities at times to avoid monotony. Most of the content is focused on the endgame, which may deter newcomers.

      Overall, Blade & Soul offers a unique experience due to its combat system and visual appeal, but some of the paid aspects and limited content could affect the game's long-term satisfaction.
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